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Asian betting market

Asian bookmakers are conquering the European market. Get familiar with the largest Asian bookmakers. Asian bookmakers: Sbobet, 188bet, 12bet, Dafabet, Panbet, Ibcbet.

Asia is not only one of the biggest but also one of the most populated continents in the world. Asia is 44,5 million square kilometers, what is 30% of the whole surface of the Earth. Moreover around 4 billion 200 million people live in Asia – it is more than 60% of all citizens of the Earth. The Asian continent is very variegated from the ethnic point of view, religion or means of living. Asia is the largest market of gambling players in the world.

What are all Asian countries united by? The answer is simple – bookmaker bets. Fondness of gambling is huge here, it is not strange, since the Asian continent is overfilled and since long ago people have loved playing gambling games here. Everybody plays gambling games: businessmen, politicians, and also usual citizens. Namely this makes this market such attractive. Moreover the amount of players is not everything, since there also are persons, who risk huge sums of money. Of course these are players from the higher spheres of the society.

The history of bookmaker bets in Asia is interesting itself. The Asian market developed in the 90-ies of the previous century. Captivating is that the Asians learnt the bookmaker craft from … Europeans. One of the first precursors, who had been hired by Asian firms, was Joe Suamarez Smith, a journalist and graduate of the Pennsylvanian University. A British worked for an internet bookmaker and invented Asian handicaps and also to a great extent impacted the development of bookmaker bets in Asia.

Asia is not a typical market. First signals about fixed matches are namely from Asian bookmakers. Why? Two factors are considered: players with huge financial possibilities play there and there are bookmakers who can accept bets in millions in the given currency. As it is known, if somebody makes a big bet in amount of several hundreds of thousands in the given currency – he must be possessing of information on the topic of the particular sporting event. Nobody will risk such a huge sum playing for an unknown result. In the majority of cases these are classical fixed matches, matches the result of which is already known. There is nothing strange that Asian bookmakers influence what will happen on other markets. The Asian market’s problem is shadow economy. A huge amount of people bet in firms which are not even registered on the market. But this doesn’t mean that all Asian bookmakers work illegally.

The most well-known Asian bookmakers, which operate in Europe, are: Sbobet, Panbet, Dafabet, 5Dimes, Mansion, 12Bet or 188Bet. A great part of them conduct an expansive policy on the European market, especially on the territory of Great Britain. It can be seen on the example of the English Premier League, where some clubs have logos and names of bookmakers from Asia on their T-shirts. Nothing surprising that the biggest European online bookmakers are uniting in the fight against Asian bookmakers. But we think that it won’t last long and the Asians will eventually enter the European market…